Transformers SpaceStation is BACK!!!

Dear friends,

It has been a while. There is no reason to get in all the details, but the Transformers SpaceStation had a some major issues in getting back on its feet. Actually, the whole site of has had a rough time. But we recently moved our business back to web host we had used several years ago. And hopefully we can start rebuilding our sites, including this one.

As you may have noticed, we are starting from scratch once again. We still have a lot of ideas that we want to eventually have running on this site. But for the time being, we will take it slow. On top of everything, our personal lives are holding us back to give these sites our all. But our passion for doing this has not diminished. Unfortunately, this site has had a long history with hackers and other technical difficulties. Because of this, we have decided that for now this site will not be posting Transformers news on this site. Hopefully, once we are in a position to work more on the sites, or have people who are willing to spend some of their free time on this site, we may reconsider. But as it stand at this moment, Transformers SpaceStation will be a purely entertainment based website.

For now, we will concentrate on posting exclusive Transformers SpaceStation video’s on this site. We have travelled the world to attend many of the Transformers Conventions like the BotCon and Auto Assembly. And while we were there we took the time to make video’s of the event, including the many interesting panels, ranging from Comics Panels to Voice Actor Panels. Most of these can already be found on this site by selecting the menu above.

Hopefully much of the old ideas from the old site will return soon, but as of this writing our resources are rather limited. If you are willing to help us out in anyway, please feel free to contact us at and maybe soon we can all be one once again! We do have many ideas we are itching to start with, but time will tell what we can do.

In the meantime…. Welcome back to TF.SPACESTATION-ONLINE.COM!!!